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Dizzy's *~Spiral~* Downward

just some random thoughts

13 August 1982
Um I think I got issues I'm working thru, difficult ones. My soul hurts. I had a little boy that became an angel on January 2006. Been trying to work thru it so my entries may be extreme. I got a little girl that is turning 2 in July. I have a wonderful husband that is currently protecting YOU and MINE's freedom. He is in Iraq. Yeah I'm an army wifey.....I'm proud of it! Support out troops, hooah! I am living with my family this year in GA while he's gone, we are stationed at Ft.Hood, TX. I had a livejournal before but for some odd reason I deleted it. Well I guess that's enough for the moment. If anyone would like to read up on Skylor please visit my baby's site....http://www.memoryofskylor.com/

Now for some countdowns......