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working on a country song [Nov. 15th, 2008|09:35 pm]
(verse 1)
This wasn't quite what I planned up, once a girl with such big dreams.
Now I sit here all alone, tryin to figure out just what it means.
See I'm here by my choice, not a another sad ole' love song.
The pride behind it all, nothing about this feels wrong.
Cause I always have your love, stronger and bolder than ever before.
We picked a hard path to tread, but in the end we'll have conquered more!!

It's you I adore......

I'm your strength, and your support, I'm always here, your iron fort!
your first defense, a barbed wire fence, no command here to report.
Thru all this constant strife, and joining up the fight,
I'm just your army wife and you are my life.