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Brothers [Oct. 3rd, 2008|08:39 am]

My dad is getting to find out boys are more stressful than girls when it comes to raising youngn's. Either that or he is getting pay back for how hard he was on me when I was generally a good kid. My little sister doesn't have the same dad, but she's the biggest angel of us all, not the baby syndrome of being the biggest brat or biggest trouble maker. She's truely the best out of all of us. My brother's are making my dad lose more hair over the same issue. Dating. First it was legal issues over there criminal sprees. Now they are rebelling and both dating people they shouldn't. It's one thing my dad has been as casual about dating for them compared to me. But they really do not pick the right people. I mean I dated a butthead asshole for the longest and daddy voiced his opinion. Luckily I married the only guy my dad ever liked. But the brother right below me, Josh, is dating my dad's best friend's ex wife. Yeah Craig is younger than my dad but he married jail bait, had a kid, and got divorced, she's the same age as my brother. Respect would say, that's an off limit relationship. But he ignores everyone, even the fact she has slept with a gazillion guys since her and her husband split up. Then we have dealt with years and years of drama with Matthew dating Tiffany since middle school. They lost their virginity together, oops. Then broke up. Matt was dating a great girl since high school, and suddenly he's back with Tiffany. She still has entire photo sets on flickr dedicated to her boyfriend of last month, yet my brother's pictures had disappeared. Urg, I wish both my brothers would get some common sense. I know it's not any of my business who they date, but at the same time it's weird feeling this way. They are suckers for blonde haired, blue eyed girls. I wish Josh and his ex whitney would get back together, his baby's mama. I wish Matthew would play the dating field a little. Both are good looking boys so it's not like there aren't gobs of girls looking for an attractive guy with great personality and goofy humor. Wow I just realized how it feels to be a grown up OLD sister haha!