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Well compared to a month ago it has finally calmed down again at work… - Dizzy's *~Spiral~* Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 25th, 2008|08:47 am]
Well compared to a month ago it has finally calmed down again at work last couple weeks. I asked my boss to hire two more part time receptionists and I would take part time hours again. Not only does that cover me for taking off that month for R&R, but also if there is a call in to work we have more options. Timing couldn't have been better, seems either my IBS is causing me pain or the dreaded endometriosis is coming back. Alot of pain and staying tired all the time again. So I have enjoyed my one day cut from the week..... I didn't enjoy finally cleaning house. My back hurt for days afterwards.... sign of getting older I guess. I told my boss after R&R if one receptionist quits I will go back full time but am ok with my hours for now. Both of our new receptionists seem perfect for the spots. One is a stylist who had already worked in a JC Penney salon. The other girl reminds me of a younger version of myself.... which is hilarious, only she's on the original path I had chosen. 21 going to school for nursing, SURFS, awesome personality, and she's OCD like me. She said me and her have to make a date to go take me surfing for the first time. It's been a life long desire to surf. As a child I constantly told my mom when I was a senior in high school I wanted to live with my grandma in San Diego so I could go to college there and surf on the weekends. It didn't happen, but nothing is too late. I went shopping, more clothes to reflect an extremely fashionable salon. Also more to reflect me, I'm loving that the mitch-matching era is back! I love I can wear a lime green shirt with an accent of orange with burnt orange heels! I love my leggings! I love my barbie shoes with the buckles and zippers all over them (purple and pink shiny). I am on a mission for poofy skirts though, everything is fitted spandex right now, I want to blend the 80's weirdo look with cutesy poodle skirts knee length. I got a big black feather thing for my hair too. I am so happy big accessories are back in! I feel like the 5th grade girl that wore hot pink jogging pants with white flats can finally express herself again! (Without being picked on for it this time!) Wow this is first time in ages I've dived into fashion full force....but finding my own look too. Like my Monday outfit, many things rearranged made a killer outfit. White pants with thin brown pin stripes, long black tank top with stars and sequins, short elbow grandma lacey tan colored sweater.