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Spring cleaning at work done 3 months late. - Dizzy's *~Spiral~* Downward [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Spring cleaning at work done 3 months late. [Jul. 20th, 2008|07:48 am]
I am only known at work now as the "OCD organizer" or "super receptionist". Do people not have any pride to do their jobs efficiently for the pay they are receiving? I was scrubbing the desk and another receptionist was like "not in my job description". Regardless if we are not busy at a moment, we are getting paid for that time. IDK. Ok so the entire closet is labeled and in order at work now. Every box of hair dye has a label below it. Our entire reception area is spotless, organized and big accomplishment- the 2 months of old tasks are caught up completely now! (120 new client thank you letters), and after shopping for envelopes and other supplies productivity has been increased making it worth the cost of the supplies. Well and the printed letters and business envelopes look more professional too. I'm finding out cool and neat things daily. I will be reimbursed for my first set of supplies I bought for work, now that I know what works best at the desk, I can put a request into our finance person to order those supplies at business supply discount. Our main store manager also told me he is very impressed with how I'm getting the reception area under serious fixing. He usually looks scared when I holler his name, because I'm usually holding a list of problems to be addressed such as restocking our first aid kit because it's an OSSHA violation. Really too bad I didn't apply there when I moved here. Well here in a couple hours I'll be going in on my day off (but I'm getting paid) wearing jeans to scrub floors and sinks and walls. Because I'm the only person dedicated to cleaning so my manager asked me. District is coming on Wednesday and we are the top performing salon in district and in the top 20 for the nation. (of the JC penney's). So cleaning now, Tuesday I gotta get my hair dyed again and pink out. Then Wednesday and Thursday it's everyone put on their best customer service and push sales and rebooking. I was told by our finance person I will not get a raise for 6 months because i was hired on a level 2 pay or something. My manager said she will not rest until she gets me a raise in 2 weeks. She said I deserve it. Well so this was one entire blog just about WORK.

[User Picture]From: grniiis
2008-07-21 04:53 pm (UTC)
Great stuff. Hard work is rewarded, glad your boss is standing up for you.
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